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IdeaSpan Immersive Discussion Boards

Faster - Deeper - Cheaper - Actionable!  

I had no idea this method could be leveraged to this degree!  

My team was surprised by the amount of information gathered!  We took some very deep dives and covered more material than we would have covered in one-on-one interviews. 



  • Custom research
  • Experienced analysts 
  • Reliable timelines
  • Communication
  • Strategic insight

IdeaSpan was among the first to adopt discussion boards, on-line research, video focus groups, and bulletin board reporting--programming the tools long before they became commercially viable.    

IdeaSpan continues to bring cost-effective research solutions to your business challenges. 

  • Research strategy 
  • Immersive Discussion        Boards
  • On-line & Telephone interviewing

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Boundless Discovery

Since 1973 we have focused on innovating and defining Marketing Research Best Practices. 

Originally known as Horace Kelly & Associates, then as AllPoints Research, Inc., the organization officially merged with IdeaSpan in 2014.  Sherrie Aycock remains with the organization as President.