IdeaSpan recommends the data gathering method providing the best fit to informing your business challenge.  

​​IdeaSpan executes the research with rigorous execution of marketing research best practices.

The defined business challenge directs the initial report outline. 

Collaboration with the client fine-tunes the final report--providing a report that clearly informs the business decisions to be made. 


Are we looking to evaluate statistically significant differences as well as directional indicators?

​​IdeaSpan takes the time to fully understand and research your business challenge. 

Working closely with you IdeaSpan defines the research objectives supporting the decisions to be made.

If we only have 5 slides to report results, what should be on those slides? 


Is the research team open to an Iterative approach to data tabulation, analysis and data reduction?



 incorporate these critical questions throughout your research process

Boundless Discovery

  What will we need know next?